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Invitation Letter:The 10th China Energy and Environment Summit (CEES)
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                           The 10th China Energy and Environment Summit (CEES)   

Invitation Letter  

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China Energy and Environment Summit (brief as CEES), jointly sponsored by National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), National Energy Administration (NEA) , Ministry of Science and Technology( MOST), Ministry of Environmental Protection(MEP), University of International Business and Economics, China Center for Urban Development, NDRC, Center for International Economic Exchanges, NDRCState Information Center and Xiamen University has been successfully held for 10 consecutive sessions plus one web conference. (http://www.ceeschina.org/view.asp?id=788&cid=11&pid=19  or see Attachment 5). In 2009, the State Council approved the Summit as the Sub-Forum (The Largest one) of the Global Think-Tank Summit.

In this 10th-year anniversary, CEES is honored by having had the presence of more than 1000 world-class guests to support the green development, which included leaders and officials from the State Council of ChinaNDRC, NEA and MOST ect.; the former President of India, the Fortune Global 500 and multinationals; Nobel laureates, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering and counsellors from the State Council. CEES has co-initiated the “Bai-Qian-Wan-Wan” activity with national energy and environment competent ministers and has made a lot of new achievements including a series of green / low-carbon / energy-efficient / environmental / highly- efficient innovations, inspiring advice, classic cases and systematic theory of Green Development. All the observations and research have been included in the two blue books of CEES published by China Economic Publishing House. One is Green Development Global Dream, the other is Theory of Green Development for Ash Haze Dissipation, which have been highly regarded by People’s Daily and was translated into 8 languages by Central Compilation and Translation Bureau. Some important achievements have been adopted by the Central Committee of Communist Party of China (CCCPC)and the Central People's Government of PRC, etc. and have had a widespread effect throughout the whole society at home and abroad. We launched a large number of world-class innovative technologies and excellent haze-eliminating products. Many organizations with international influence have become advocators of green development and our partners, including China’s national energy and environment competent ministries. We have made leapfrog progress towards the goal of “Wan-Wan-Yi-Zhong” by gathering tens of thousands of media and institutions to spread ideas of green development and ecological civilization construction.

In order to reflect the spirit of the 19th CPC national congress, practice the principle of green development, promote the reform of ecological civilization system and build the Beautiful China, the 10th CEES (2017) will be jointly hosted by China Energy and Environmental Research Center, China Center for Urban Development, NDRC, etc. in International Lecture Hall of UIBE and Grand Millennium Beijing, from November 30th to December 2nd, 2017 . Topics and issues will include Green Development and Reform - Green Concept, market-oriented reform in oil and gas, China’s measures to control the use of coal, power sector reformation and electricity market development, green technology, environmental governance and reviews of CEES over the past 10 years and its prospects.

The Summit will invite leaders and experts from NDRC, NEA, MOST, MEP, the Fortune Global 500 and multinationals, leading figures in their industries; academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences , Chinese Academy of Engineering and counsellors from the State Council, to deliver speeches or hold group discussions.  Hundreds of central and frontline media including People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency , CCTV will cover the forum. The event will be co-hosted by Consulting Center of CEES in Beijing and other organizations which will host the sub-forum or series of activities.(see Attachment 1 Conference Agenda).

We will carry the reform through to the end, because it relates to the fate of Chinese nation. It is also a reform in ecological civilization system which centers around the Green Development and Reform theme. Before October 10th , 2017 (10th -year anniversary of CEEC), CEEC held the 10th China Energy and Environment Summit “10 thousand + million+ series” Web Conference . Official websites, no matter it’s from central or local government; social community or cooperation; party, political, public, league within China or beyond; together with mainstream media, academic agencies, central mainstream media and local channels paid high attention to this summit.  Among them there were Xinhua Net, People’s Daily Online, NDRC, State Forestry Administration China Green Carbon Foundation, State Power Investment Corporation, China National Petroleum Corporation, China Guodian Corporation, The Investment Association of China, provincial government of Zhejiang province and Development and Reform Commission of Guangdong province, etc.. All of them put the summit news in the prominent place, re-posting and adopting it with splash headline.


In the future, we will expand industrial, regional and international cooperation so as to make contributions to global ecological security. We will achieve this by promoting green energy revolution, improving the governance of the polluted air, water, land, and by building the Beautiful China via making the sky clearer, grass greener, water cleaner, houses more livable and environment nicer. Based on the implementation of “Bai-Qian-Wan-Wan” activity and the published blue books, we will gather more than 100 prestigious experts, high-ranking officials and entrepreneurs (see Attachement 1) to deliver the speech around the topics mentioned above. Dialogue and round-table discussion about the controlling measures on coal use, power sector reformation and electricity market development,etc. will be made in several times among several countries and with international organizations’ participation. By doing these, high-end platform will be established for the development in relevant industries and sectors at home and abroad, and it will also be conducive to the communication between the city and urban townships. Meanwhile policies to encourage the demonstration of regional ecological environment, the cooperation on environmental protection, the construction of small towns with Chinese characters and the movement of new urbanization will be also promoted.

All government officials, decision-makers, global investors, senior advisors and technical/financial experts concerned with the fore-said topics and activities are warmly welcome to participate in the Summit and to work together, and to-be-invited guests and representatives are welcome to make contributions to the development of CEES.

For more details, please contact us via:

   Mr. LIN Jie, Ms. Wu, MS Zhang, MS Zhao, MS Liu, Ms Jiang etc.

Email: ceesint@163.com; ceeschina@139.com


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Beijing; 8th Floor, CCUD -NDRC, NO.5 East Sanlihe Rd, Xicheng District, Beijing,


Please accept the assurances of my highest consideration.

Yours sincerely,


LIN Zhiqin    

        Executive Vice-president & Secretary-General of China Energy and Environment Summit (CEES), NDRC, PRC.

       Director of China Energy and Environment Research Center

       Prof. of University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), Beijing, PRC.

Initiators: State Information Center, NDRC ; China Center for International Economic Exchanges,NDRC; China Center for Urban Development,NDRC; Xiamen University; University of International Business and Economics(UIBE)
Organizers: CEES Secretariat,NDRC(Consulting Center of CEES), China Energy & Environment Institute, UIBE
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